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Hardwood flooring can last for decades when it is properly cared for and maintained. Until just recently, hardwoods were the flooring materials of choice for Connecticut and Rhode Island homes. Hardwood floors are durable, economical and environmentally friendly. Most hardwoods are produced in the United States and will instantly improve the aesthetics of your home. Hardwood floors improve your home’s value, and can make your home more attractive to prospective buyers.


Count on DESIGN TO BUILD¬†for all of your Connecticut and Rhode Island home’s hardwood flooring and tile works needs. Advanced ¬†will professionally install hardwood flooring; repair damage to existing hardwood flooring; re-stain hardwood flooring; finish or refinish your hardwood floors and seal your floors using polyurethane and other sealing products. DESIGN TO BUILD also specializes in the installation of tile surfaces for kitchen and bathroom floors, walls and countertops. High quality tiles made of marble, ceramic and composites come in a variety of sizes and colors. DESIGN TO BUILD will create a suitable tiling surface and install, grout and caulk your tiles. We offer colored caulks to give your tile surfaces a unique and exciting look.


We also replace cracked tiles on existing floor and wall surfaces. Cracked tiles cannot be repaired and should be replaced immediately. A cracked tile surface admits water to the underlayment and can damage the substrate, allow bacteria and mold to grow behind the tile and can create a health hazard for you and your family. If your tiles are in good condition, your tile surface may simply need re-grouting. DESIGN TO BUILD will remove old grout and caulk; apply new grout and caulk; and seal the grout to prevent discoloration and damage over time. Sealing your grout can extend its useful life by several years, and makes the process of cleaning grout easier.


For hardwood flooring or tile installations in your Connecticut and Rhode Island home, please contact DESIGN TO BUILD.