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ADVANCED IMPROVEMENTS can take your home remodeling and expansion projects from start to finish. We use licensed, experienced plumbers for all kitchen, bath and spa remodeling work. The professional plumbers at ADVANCED IMPROVEMENTS ensure that your new and existing plumbing join properly and safely. Licensed plumbing remodeling professionals guarantee that the work is done correctly the first time and complete all plumbing remodeling work to municipal code requirements.

We offer a wide variety of sink, tub, toilet and shower fixtures to complete your plumbing remodeling project and professionally install them to the manufacturer’s specifications. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

ADVANCED IMPROVEMENTS also completes all electrical remodeling work. We do the outside work on your home’s electrical service entrance, installing masts and weather heads where required, and bringing the new service wires into your home. We’ll update your home’s electrical supply, including converting the service panel from fuses to circuit breakers; add lighting and appliance circuits and convenience outlets. All electrical work is performed to National Electrical Code standards. We use only NEC-approved materials that are rated for the service they’re providing, and we ensure that all work done in kitchens, bathrooms, below-grade and outside are protected by ground-fault circuit interrupters for maximum safety.

If you’ve started a home remodeling project on your own and need professional help with the plumbing and electrical remodeling work, or you’re looking for a kitchen, bathroom or basement remodeling contractor who can complete a job from start to finish, contact ADVANCED IMPROVEMENTS professional remodeling contractors. We’ll ensure that all of your plumbing and electrical remodeling work is installed professionally and safely.